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October 31, 2016
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Carolina Blue
October 30, 2016
Cradle Gift Cover
Cradle Gift
November 1, 2016

Better to ask for forgiveness than permission

W hen the weight of a realm is thrust upon her, a rebellious faery princess accepts the challenge.

Her strengths and weaknesses lead her to change the genetic footprint of humanity, and to a bitter sweet victory.

See it unfold in NAHIA.

The third installment in the FAERIE: LEGACY series, launched on June 20, 2017.

Nahia is a rebellious faery princess who struggles with satisfying her own desires over what’s best for her loved ones.

Following her heart in pursuit of the human she loves, Nahia hides her faery identity in order to enter the human dimension. After giving birth to a daughter, Nahia's secret is revealed, as is the realization that she has forever altered the genetic human footprint. Faced with death, Nahia returns to the faerie realm only to have its weight thrust upon her. In the aftermath of the vicious attack that made her an orphan and deprived the magical faerie dimension of their Keeper, the realm enters a dormant state

To save her home and renew ties with both her human and faerie family, Nahia finds a way to reawaken the realm, become the new Faery Queen, and provide a royal descendant for the new Keeper of the Forest.