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June 26, 2016—The Big Day!

June 28, 2016
On Two-Bit Street: Book events, Market days, Halloween:
May 8, 2014
San Diego Comic Con 2016
San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 21, 2016)
July 25, 2016

In spring of 2016, four years after a divorce, and just when I was feeling stabilized in many areas of my life, the universe conspired to punt me out of my comfort zone.

The choice put to me was; the safety of my own home and a corporate career, or the unknown. With my belly aflutter, I chose the unknown—I stopped ‘moonlighting’ as a writer and decided to pool my pennies and resources to actually live my literary dream. Once again, with the love, support and encouragement of my family, I am starry-eyed aware that things are happening, and that I’m making them happen!