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Faery Sight: Faerie Legacy Book 1

Follow Your Heart

M ore than a gift, Faery Sight is a way of life to a human girl raised in the faery realm. She learns the truth of her origins and finds a way to reclaim her royal identity while staying true to her faery upbringing.

WINNER of the 2010 GOLDEN QUILL AWARD of EXCELLENCE from the League of Utah Writers, and the 2018 LITERARY TITAN GOLD AWARD Faery Sight chronicles the childhood of Celeste Santillán (a human) and Nahia (a faery).

At seventeen, the realm of faery is the only world Celeste knows, and she aspires to become as close to a faery as a human may. But daunting revelations made by her dying mother knock her plans off course.

Is she to avenge the wrongs done to her parents by an evil sorceress, or will the human race she resents convince her to turn her back on them?

Celeste chooses to be the avenger of her parents, even if doing so means she must acknowledge her place as the rightful heiress of Santillán.

Urged by the faery, Nahia, and championed by the faery court and her true love, Celeste sets out to expose a deceitful sorceress. She trusts that nothing can keep her from returning to the realm of faery, nothing that is, until the identity of her betrothed becomes known.

Praise for Faery Sight

  • A stunningly gorgeous fantasy

    From the language Bossano chooses to use to the exquisite descriptions she fashions, this book is pure joy for any lover of fantasy stories!

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  • . . . one of the most fascinating YA reads. . . Faery Sight by Patricia Bossano is one of the most fascinating YA reads, I’ve ever read. The book was deeply engaging from the start. I love it when novels suck me into their characters’ lives. Here, I met an interesting young lady, Celeste. She knows of the Faery world. A world must humans aren’t aware of…then her world turns crazy. Her mother tells her shocking things and now, it’s up to Celeste to choose her destiny. Rich, entertaining, and epic. This story has a lot to offer. Righting wrongs, chasing down a sorceress, and returning . . . to claim her place as a rightful heir. Themes like loss, grief, love, and courage are found within the novel. The characters both bad and good make this a must read. I felt like I was really there experiencing it all first hand. Well-told. Patricia Bossano has cleverly peaked my interest with her writing. I can’t wait to read more by her. Overall, I recommend Faery Sight to readers worldwide.
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  • "Faery Delight" – a review of Patricia Bossano’s "Faery Sight"
    Unicorns, faeries, witchcraft and sorcery abound! Enchanted lands laced with breathtaking visuals inside another world for the great reader’s escape. The fantasy-whimsical world of Celeste, and her dear Nahia, where the rogue and impish meet danger and fright; where trust is blood-oath honor, and, when lost? All hope goes with it. Come hither to the tale of the orphan Celeste as she seeks her relevance in the lands of endless fantasy.

    In the grand tradition of The Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, and Hans Christian Andersen, those writers whose merits splashed around the written canvass via faery-tale stories, comes Patricia Bossano’s "Faery Sight."

    In a story of the Coming-of-Age Tradition, in lands that modern graphic artists can only dream, Ms. Bossano splashes her own vivid and vibrant prose with effortless grace on her endless, dreamy canvass, like a skater dancing in space. But, too, in this land, she captures moments of deep struggle many of us have faced, and most of us must one day face. After Ms. Bossano has finished her painting of her faery land, and Celeste delves into her inner journey, we are suddenly inside the conversation between a daughter facing the death of her mother. Chapter 7: Celeste’s Destiny Revealed, blossoms into a conversation perhaps every child wants before the passing of a mother. These are painful scenes, when truth feels scorched and betrayed, yet also when souls are healed and love passes on in order to survive…and, too…to discover hidden secrets that must be rectified.

    When Celeste’s mother, Paloma, speaks this to her daughter, we know we’re in the hands of a writer who not only loves her craft, but also loves the thrill of true fantasy adventure. . .

    Celeste falls in love and pushes forward in a journey not soon forgotten. And such a story never deserves the fate of spoilers. In a genre where so much gunk is found on every page, it’s spicy refreshing to discover fantasy that is filled with delightful morsels on every page. Recently, and how so appropriate, I was watching again the great winter film, “Ground Hog Day,” with my lady. Not until the end of the film does Bill Murray realize the truth about love and decency. At that point, when delivering the weather to the small-town folk - for what perhaps was his one thousandth time--he speaks about not imagining a fate greater than a long a lustrous winter. When I finished Bossano’s, Faery Sight, such a feeling came over me, in that I cannot imagine a greater fate for any reader than to take this novel in buttery warm hands, nestle in somewhere near a brassy-brick fireplace, and delve into the magical, fantastic Faery Fest this fine writer offers thee.

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  • Wonderful book!
    Couldn't stop reading! Wonderful book!
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  • Great read! Really happy with my purchase and so is my family!!
  • Welcome to a Magical Adventure This excerpt gives us a feel for the fun-filled, exciting story to come. Celeste and her faery sister, Nahia are both vivid characters full of mischief. Their constant arguing makes for a believable sisterly relationship. I am interested to see what comes of the curse on Paloma, Celeste's mother, and Celeste's mission to disprove the curses existence. My only complaint about the story so far is that I felt the beginning was a little bogged down by all the description of the Faery kingdom. While the wording was clear and gave a full picture of the setting, it seemed like a little too much description before the true opening of the story. Aside from that I enjoyed the piece and hope I get the chance to read more of this story in the future.
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  • Faery Sight, amazing! I love this author's work, pulls you right in with the Prologue, I could not put the book down. The way she paints the picture and puts you right there in the middle of the story is amazing, you are in that world and can't wait to see how it all plays out.
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  • Patricia Bossano is a storyteller! I loved the book and after reading it I was left wishing there really was fairies or faeries. I loved the characters and the scene which is actually portrayed on the front page was magical! This is definitely not 'just' a young adult novel, it is a book for all ages. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series... Oh... and I DO believe... :-)
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  • Loved it!! "I absolutely loved this story!! I really felt transported to another realm!! The realm of faery. This book is exciting, magical and romantic. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a captivating read!!
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  • I absolutely loved this book. 
    It is not typically the type of book I would read but I loved every minute of it.
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  • A great read.
    Not since my pre-teen years have I really picked up a book with fantasy-based characters with the intent on reading the entire story, but this story was quite visual and allowed me to feel as if I was there. It became easy to feel a part of this story as it paid extra emphasis on generating a sense of realism throughout. I can't imagine this story becoming a movie because most of the read was character & scene building but it was this emphasis on creating the surroundings that kept me in touch with Celeste's overall quest. The storyline has a tight-knit feel to it which I was able to appreciate; bringing family & friends together amidst turmoil & uncertainty. If there is no sequel, I do hope there is at least a follow-up book with similarity to it from this author.
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  • Great story teller.
     I was asked to review this book and I’M happy I did! It was a new look into the faery world with so much charm and beauty. The author has a wonderful imagination and a wonderful storyteller. Read her series and you will find a whole new way to fall in love with the faery world.
    amazon customer
  • Humans and other beings are as real as they are fantastic.
    It is all that a fairy novel should ... It is a novel that immediately transports you to the magical world of the fairies with such a detailed description that all your senses wake up and do not want to rest even in the end. The feelings that intertwine between mother and daughter, sisters, humans and other beings are as real as they are fantastic. It is all that a fairy novel should be, with a plot full of surprises and awe-inspiring experiences.
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  • Enjoy a magical adventure and love story.
    Patricia Bossano captivates the heart with her latest book, Faery Sight. Her sumptuous use of language draws the reader into an exploration of the faery world where Celeste discovers her true identity and royal inheritance. Women of all ages will enjoy and relate to this gentle love story. This book exemplifies for the YA readership a magical trip in finding a sense of self, along with the difficult decision as to which world to belong to. I highly recommend this book for women of all ages, but more especially for the YA world. It's truly a coming of age novel.
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  • Magical and Entertaining, while well written.

    What a magical, well-written book! I just finished Faery Sight and can't wait to read the second one! This is the kind of novel you just do not want to put down, and then you don't want the story to end. You will live the characters' story, and knowing that you need to get sleep, read for another hour because it really catches your attention to what's happening next. Patricia Bossano has been able to capture the raw and unrelenting emotion of being a teenage girl, in such a different world, trying to discover where she fits in, while still having all the emotions any teenage girl would have, in any part of the Universe, because she deals with Universal and real emotions. Yet her writing was great in describing the journey that Celeste is taking, in such a captivating way, that you find yourself surprised at every chapter. Magical, entertaining and well written! I surely recommend this book to teens and women alike who can relate to this journey through life, love, and relationships, while discovering who we truly are and fighting for what will keep us happy.
    Simone Talarico Ross
    Natural Awakenings Magazine