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Nahia: Faerie Legacy Book 3

Better to ask for forgiveness than permission

W hen the weight of a realm is thrust upon her, a rebellious faery princess accepts the challenge.

Her strengths and weaknesses lead her to change the genetic footprint of humanity, and to a bitter sweet victory.

See it unfold in NAHIA, WINNER of the 2018 LITERARY TITAN GOLD AWARD

Nahia is a rebellious faery princess who struggles with satisfying her own desires over what’s best for her loved ones.

Following her heart in pursuit of the human she loves, Nahia hides her faery identity in order to enter the human dimension. After giving birth to a daughter, Nahia's secret is revealed, as is the realization that she has forever altered the genetic human footprint. Faced with death, Nahia returns to the faerie realm only to have its weight thrust upon her. In the aftermath of the vicious attack that made her an orphan and deprived the magical faerie dimension of their Keeper, the realm enters a dormant state

To save her home and renew ties with both her human and faerie family, Nahia finds a way to reawaken the realm, become the new Faery Queen, and provide a royal descendant for the new Keeper of the Forest.

Praise for Nahia

  • Nahia… truly shines

    Her fickle ways and her, pardon the pun, flighty ways make Nahia an incredibly enjoyable character to follow.

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  • I really enjoyed Patricia’s writing, her storylines were engaging, and the world was just fascinating and so beautiful to read about!
    This book was so much fun! I really enjoyed it and the fantasy elements that were included in here as well! She is such a real person I feel like, because she really struggled with what her heart wanted and what was best for her family. I also loved the conflict between the human and faery realms, I felt it added action and really drove the story along well! I think this mainly stems from me really loving action novels and my love for fantasy. While there was definitely conflict with the faery realm having to fight for their lives, I did love that the themes of family, and trying to choose between what you want and what is ultimately good for everyone were still present throughout the story.
  • The ideas of loyalty, what makes up a family, and sacrificing for the greater good, are all things that play a strong role in Nahia's journey... she wasn't a perfect character. She makes mistakes, she's selfish at times, but over the course of the story she definitely grows and learns.
    Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile
  • with wonderful themes and a great message for all mothers and ... "Patricia Bossano has created an entire world worth spending time in. Enjoyable, lively, imaginative, and everything you want in fantasy, with wonderful themes and a great message for all mothers and daughters and fans of fae.
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  • This latest book in her amazing Faery series is absolutely brilliant and her best work.
    Patricia Bossano has done it again, this latest book in her amazing Faery series is absolutely brilliant and her best work yet, in my opinion. Nahia ties all three books in the trilogy together nicely and once again puts the reader right in the middle of the action with her deep and vivid style. From the first time Etienne lays eyes on Celeste at Moon Dancer Lake to the re-awakening of the Faery Realm in dramatic fashion, these stories have everything you could ask for and more. Someone from Disney, Warner Bros. or DreamWorks should put a Faery franchise together and make a few movies out of these tales. I totally see them on the screen in my mind playing out as I read them. Simply magical. . . I believe.
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  • This was my first book via this author but it won't be the last. I really enjoyed this book and I will have to get the rest of the ones she has out. I love all things Fey and this one goes right along with that love. Bossano did a fantastic job drawing me into the story and making me feel like I was experiencing things right along with the characters. This one has everything you could ask in a book about the Fey. Action, Magic, and more. This one I think would make a wonderful TV series or movie at the drop of a hat. It has everything that is needed for a great show and I would love to see what they could do with it. I know that it would be a major hit if done right. This book was magical beyond belief and I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read something else from this amazing author!
    CrossRoad Reviews
  • Nahia by Patricia Bossano is the latest book in the Faery series. Perfectly suited for teens and adults alike. This YA novel holds a lot more than meets the eye. One particular Faery, Nahia, has a lot going on in her life. Mistakes happen and now, she has to make some tough decisions. The two worlds of humans and fairies alike come together. Powerfully written. Patricia Bossano knows how to engage her readers. I felt pulled from my seat and straight into her new world. The magical tale consisted of an emotional journey that tugged at my heart. Adventure, action, and romance. Suspenseful and entertaining, I highly recommend this book to readers worldwide. It’s a fantasy I won’t forget." –Urban Book Reviews
  • A novel of truly epic scale...
    With its deep and detailed dive into the fairy realm, as well as its vivid, high-level vocabulary, Nahia is a complex fantasy novel that should not be missed.
    Foreword Reviews
  • The faery sphere and the human world collide in [Nahia] this third installment of a series . . .
    Bossano’s writing is beautiful and rich with detail . . . the overarching themes of loyalty, family, and weighing one’s own desires versus the greater good remain throughout . . . A vivid and intricate fantasy tale about the ties that bind and the conflicts between two realms.
    Kirkus Reviews