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Seven Ghostly Spins: a brush with the supernatural

B ased on harrowing legends and nightmares come true, this WINNER of the 2018 Literary Titan GOLD Award will creep under your skin and stay with you long after you've read it.

AlisonBy the Iron GateShe Caught a RideAbikuA Curse Lifted205 1/2 25th StreetCarolina Blue


The adage goes; No self-respecting theater house is without its ghost.

During construction of Peery’s Egyptian Theater in Ogden, a 12-year-old girl named Alison brought lunch for her father and, at some point during her visit, she died in a fall, either from scaffolding or from a balcony.

The friendly ghost of Alison, described as having shoulder length hair, reportedly haunts the boxes in the rear of the theater, though there have also been sightings of her playing a piano, turning lights on and off, and occasionally sitting next to a lucky patron in the audience.
"Best Overall Story: Grammar and story-telling skills." –2014 Tales Books Productions

By The Iron Gate

When isolated from the bustle of civilization, the mind slips unfettered.
Especially a child's.

Join in my flight of fancy; triggered by a real nightmare and a real walk in the moonlight.

She Caught a Ride

Ft. author, Kelsey E. Gerard’s, She Caught A Ride, will have you think twice about the reality of a supernatural world.

Legend has it that if you visit Florence Louise Grange’s grave in the Ogden City Cemetery, at night, and flash your car’s headlights, three times, on her headstone, Flo’s ghost will rise from behind it and walk towards your car, as if responding to a secret signal.


Wanderer child.
It is the same child who dies.
And returns again, and again, to plague the mother. –Yoruba belief

Venture into this paranormal thriller in which a seventeen-year-old boy unwittingly summons a demon across the sea. Before he’s able to banish him, the demon claims the life of two innocent people.

A Curse Lifted

Experience the power of a parting gift

—a story dear to my heart, and something I will be grateful for,
for the rest of my life.

205 1/2 25th Street

This haunting short-story features the legendary Rosetta Duccini Davie; seductive madam of the most elegant brothel on Two-Bit Street in the mid 1940's: The Rose Rooms

Rose's kindness, despite her chosen profession, produced a lasting impression. A good deed performed by her is treasured by the recipient who over the years enshrined the recollection and instilled it in the mind of her young grandson.

Now in his twenties, the young man is drawn to present-day 205 ½ 25th Street searching for a remnant of the woman he was taught to idolize.

"Best Researched Short Story" –2013 Tales Books Productions

Carolina Blue

Locals and visitors to Union Station, at the west end of Historic 25th street in Ogden, claim to have heard an anguished scream uttered by a woman dressed in blue — She’s on the railroad tracks.

Meet Amelia and learn the tragic story of how she came to be on the tracks of the newly inaugurated Union Station, wearing a carolina-blue dress.

Her haunting cries will continue to oppress the hearts of those unfortunate enough to hear them.

"Best Captures The Essence Of Tales from Two-Bit Street and Beyond." – 2012 Tales Books Productions

What a satisfying experience, during my years in Ogden, Utah, to have participated in the Tales from Beyond project; a collection of short stories compiled by D. Hattingh.

I was one of several local authors tasked with researching facts about O Town’s historic 25th Street and surrounding areas, interviewing shop owners (who go about their daily business while coexisting with their own personal ghosts), in order to “write the stories as whispered to me” by spirits on 2-Bit Street!
Over a 3-year period (2012-2014) we released and promoted the acclaimed Tales from 2-Bit Street and Beyond, Parts I and II, and Tales from the Wasatch and Beyond. Through dramatic readings, ghost tours, festivals, and plays, we made Ogden’s colorful history come to life, and I count myself lucky to have been a part of it!

My 3 stories; Carolina Blue, 205 ½ 25th Street, and Alison, featured in the original (now classic) editions of the Tales from Beyond anthologies, have been re-mastered and are included in the new, *disquieting* collection of Seven Ghostly Spins—a brush with the supernatural.