2020 Supernatural Say-So

Walking the Walk in 2020

1920s flappers

January 2020

We’re about half-way through the first month of a new decade and, before we go any further, I’d like to acknowledge to you my theme for 2020—it is based on a bit of wisdom I came across...

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Onward and Upward

Meditation Stones: Dream, Inspire, Courage, Harmony

February 2020
We are about 50 days into the reprising roaring 20s, and already I am overwhelmed by a sense of my sails having caught an auspicious wind—eyes fixed on the dazzling horizon! 

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March 2020

2019 Supernatural Say-So

End of Year Sneak Peek

Christmas Tree

December 2019

The 2019 trip around the sun is coming to a close with as festive a spirit as I could wish for.
This whirlwind year ─filled with love, adventure, and hard work, saw me...

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Gratitude is an Attitude

Typewriter on wood table

November 2019

It went by quick, didn’t it? It’s already been a year and some change since the launch of award-winning Seven Ghostly Spins: a brush with the supernatural, on All Souls Day 2018—so happy belated birthday to my most recent supernatural escape! 

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Mozart procrastination meme

October 2019

You know you’re a procrastinator if there’s a task to be done and instead of tackling it, you divert your attention to unrelated activities.
I might be a lost cause...  

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Welcome Fall

Autumn tree lined road

September 2019

Made it back from FanX in spectacular Salt Lake City!

I got to take part in yet another unforgettable event and my heart is filled with gratitude for the organizers, for my supernatural entourage (you know who you are), and for all the fans...

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It's that time again

Patricia Bossano at FanX 2019

August 2019

This month brings a short and sweet newsletter as I am in a flurry of activity preparing for my annual pilgrimage to a comic convention—  

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The Moon and the Waterbearer

Waterbearer press logo

July 2019

Disclaimer:  I am writing this while under the influence of the full moon (July 16)  and therefore, surrendering to its radiant clarity...

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Hatching a Strategy

Water color eggshell

June 2019

A  few months ago, I read a compelling marketing pitch online that ended  with a tantalizing goad: schedule your free consultation only if you are  serious about achieving your goals...

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Gleaning Wisdom

My library in the clouds

May 2019

Far from afraid to admit it, I acknowledge that I am obsessed with my journey. For 3 years I have been a full-time indie writer...

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Wending and Winding in dappled sunlight

dappled sunlight trail

April 2019

Three  years ago, I embarked on a journey that will last the rest of my days—a  multidimensional voyage, if you will...

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An Irish Blessing For You

Spring garden

March 2019

"These things, I warmly wish for you: Someone to love, Some work to do, A bit of o’ sun, A bit o’ cheer, And a guardian angel always near." 

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“…the deepest beauty of love is how it changes lives.” –Rabbi David Wolpe

Meditation stone stack

February 2019  

“All You Need Is Love” chanted the Beatles a few decades ago, and for all the complexities a four-letter word may encompass, that short sentence is a simple truth…

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Auspicious 2019

Forest magic fairy

January 2019 

Did you formulate resolutions on New Year’s Eve?  If (like me) you did not, how about this alternative? 

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2018 Supernatural Say-So

Vintage tabletop

Business Un-Usual

December 2018

“I know you think you have the next Harry Potter book, but still, don’t call me, and whatever you do, don’t show up in person with your offering…


An Attitude of Gratitude

November 2018

It has been six days since the official launch of Seven Ghostly Spins on All Souls Day (Día de los Muertos), and I’m still basking in the glow of its wonderful reception...


As usual, the universe has impeccable timing

October 2018

Allow me to explain; 

After declining a contributory publishing contract a few days ago, just as it has happened with other literary proposals, I was left wondering…

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Running away with the circus

September 2018

This month brings another short and sweet newsletter as I’m in a flurry of activity wrapped in anticipation! When you read this…

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Savoring the next level

August 2018  

A flurry of activity ensued on July 31, after I closed the beta-reading stage of my Seven Ghostly Spins; I spent five days…

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Signs Everywhere!

July 2018

I’m always looking to broaden my perspective, especially if a new age twist is involved, so over the years I have dabbled in esoteric interests…

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Totally in the throes of a 'bookbirth'

June 2018

I’ve retreated into my cave, where my days breakdown into spells of anguish,  hourly bouts of procrastination, wondrous flashes of cosmic hope…

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Pulling a Rapunzel for Mother's Day

May 2018

The dictionary says; met·a·phys·ics is the branch of philosophy that deals with first principles, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space…

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Bit of a Midas Touch!

April 2018

Someone told me once that happiness expands when shared, while sorrow diminishes…

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…Faery rings marked the place where elves or faeries had danced

March 2018

Way before indoor plumbing, electricity and telecommunications, knowledge was recorded in cave walls, in parchment scrolls, and in the minds of bards who sang to their tribes…

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This above all—to thine own self be true…

February 2018

Being an indie author is a daily struggle to stay emotionally afloat, to keep chasing after my dream, to build myself up when outside forces chip at my self-confidence…

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Disconcerting Holidays

January 2018

I loved spending Christmas and New Year's with my kiddos and my honey—yet the magic of it dimmed a little with the unexpected visit of a cold on December 24th…

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2017 Supernatural say-so

vintage fairy abduction

A creepy sense of urgency today

December 2017

Heat waves, small earthquakes, wind advisories, raging wildfires, evacuations—Is 2017 shutting down with a bang?

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The Unexpected Series

November 2017

When I set out to write Faery Sight, my intent wasn’t to produce a full-length novel, much less a series. I just wanted to entertain people in my family…

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The Write Dimension

October 2017

Through my mind flit crazy superstitious thoughts, like, if I pour coffee into this cup, which innocently bears the definition of ‘writers block’, would the meaning of the words seep into the brew and infuse it with a curse?

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“Have you ever heard of Evel Knievel?”

September 2017  

Says A.J. to Bear and Lev, right before they purposely launch off the asteroid’s surface. (Armageddon 1998) The brief euphoria of having pulled off the gutsy move fizzles out…

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