Faery Sight

Faery Sight Book 1 of the Faerie Legacy Series

More than a gift, FAERY SIGHT is a way of life to a human girl raised in the Faerie Realm. 

She learns the truth of her origins and finds a way to reclaim her royal identity while staying true to her faery upbringing.

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award, Readers' Favorite Bronze prize and 5-Star Award, and the League of Utah Writers' Golden Quill of Excellence award.

Cradle gift

Cradle Gift Book 2 of the Faerie Legacy Series

This magical tale of loss and discover begins with a CRADLE GIFT. A journey, a manuscript, and a family tree unlock the mystery behind a young girl's lucid dreaming ability.

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award, Readers' Favorite Silver prize and 5-Star Award.


Nahia Book 3 of the faerie legacy series

When the weight of a realm is thrust upon her, a rebellious faery princess accepts the challenge.

NAHIA's strengths and weaknesses lead her to change the genetic footprint of humanity and to a bitter sweet victory.

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award, and Readers' Favorite 5-Star Award

Seven Ghostly Spins: a brush with the supernatural

Seven Ghostly Spins: a brush with the supernatural

This mind-bending collection of paranormal tales, based on harrowing legends and night-mares come true, will creep under your skin and stay with you,

long after you have read it.

SEVEN GHOSTLY SPINS received the Literary Titan Gold Award, and was awarded a Five Star rating by Readers' Favorite

Daughters of the Bride: love and homegrown magic

Cover draft for Daughters of the Bride

Coming Halloween 2020

After the unexpected death of their father, the ‘weird sisters’ cling to one another and to their widowed mother; the ‘head witch.’
However, no traditional mourning rituals await them, instead, the three women flex their powers and embark on a distressing journey of reflection.
Amid the hilarity brought on by the head witch’s disconcerting return to a youthful attitude, difficult questions will be asked. Genetic memories must be acknowledged. Painful feelings must be expressed, and life-altering decisions will be made because, at the end of their journey, the new reality must be embraced by all for the family bond to be preserved.

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